Reduce Your Stress with Tree Planting

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Sure, you may know that tree planting can have beautifying effects on your landscape, provide more shaded spots throughout your backyard, and even provide homes for wildlife. But did you know tree planting can actually reduce your stress levels?

Reduce Your Stress with Tree Planting

The Morton Arboretum shares the many ways in which tree planting can help us all relax a bit more. Even the sight of trees reduces blood pressure and keeps you more productive.

The shade trees provide keeps the sun from heating your home, which reduces the money you spend to cool your home. Tree planting will improve the look of your home and can increase your property value.

The right kind of trees can reduce noise from city streets and highways nearby. According to estimates by North Carolina State University, properly placed trees can provide noise reduction up to 40 percent.

Trees “breathe in” carbon dioxide; and, while it might not seem like much, tree planting can help in reducing your carbon footprint. Every little bit counts when it comes to fighting climate change.

Unfortunately, planting new trees can be a big undertaking without the proper knowledge, so it is important to consult an arborist or professional tree company when planting new trees. After all, you are looking to reduce your stress, not create more.

Once you are sitting in the shade of your beautiful trees, you can breathe some of that fresh oxygen with a sigh of relief!