Do You Need Emergency Tree Services?

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For many of us, we enjoy the appeal that trees add to our property, but we don’t give much thought to their care or maintenance unless something unexpected happens. While there are specific ways to care for trees so that they remain healthy, there are other times when events cause a tree emergency that needs immediate attention. So, what exactly constitutes a situation when you need to call about emergency tree services?

Do You Need Emergency Tree Services?

The first thing that comes to mind, and is an obvious answer, is when there has been storm damage. Strong storms can cause tree limbs to fall or, in the right circumstances, down the entire tree, creating damage to homes, outbuildings, cars, other trees, and anything else in the nearby area. Any time this happens, it is important to call for emergency tree services from a local tree specialist.

Another critical time when emergency tree services will be necessary is when power lines have been or may be affected by a tree. While trees can help beautify an area near power lines, they can also create a potential threat if they aren’t kept trimmed away from the power lines or storms cause the limbs to blow into the lines. This is a very dangerous scenario and should only be managed and corrected by electrical and tree professionals.

The best way to prevent the need for emergency tree services is to maintain your trees throughout the year. Calling on a skilled and experienced arborist will help keep trees trimmed away from power lines, homes, and other buildings. A tree specialist can also provide useful information about tree maintenance that will keep your property looking its best.

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