5 Basic Tree Care Pointers for New Tree Owners

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Whether you are moving into a home with established trees or you are planting a sapling for the first time, there are some specific tree care tips that you should follow to ensure the health and vitality of these mighty plants.

5 Basic Tree Care Pointers for New Tree Owners

1.   Water – Just like any other plant, trees require water in order to live. While established trees may be equipped to go longer stints without water, saplings and newly planted trees need extra water to ensure that they will remain alive.

2.   Sunlight – Another important aspect of tree care is making sure the tree receives adequate sunlight. If you’ve planted a tree in a shady area or where there is limited sun, you may need to move it so that it gets enough sunlight to grow and thrive.

3.   Location – The location of a tree matters! When planting, you’ll especially want to make sure you’ve chosen a spot that meets the needs of the tree and your landscape. It may be helpful to choose multiple locations and narrow them down to the best one.

4.   Trimming – It is especially important to maintain established trees with routine tree trimming. This critical part of tree care helps keep diseased or dead limbs from causing damage and allows the tree to create new growth.

5.   Tree Services – As a new tree owner, hiring a local tree professional can go a long way to ensuring you have a happy and healthy landscape!

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