4 Reasons to Hire Us for Emergency Tree Removal for Your Commercial Business

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If you have a tree that is posing a threat to your commercial property or has already toppled over, you will likely need help right away. A fallen tree can impede business and may be a risk to your employees or patrons. As a business owner, you may want to save money, but before you consider taking care of the tree yourself, there are several reasons you should consider hiring our professional team at Doss Tree Service to do the emergency tree removal job.

emergency tree removal job

  • Safety – The tools and work required to move a tree are always hazardous and should only be done with training but removing a tree on commercial property requires specialization. You need to be aware of the traffic and pedestrians nearby. Our team has the needed specialized training to make sure your emergency tree removal is done safely. We also have insurance as a protection for you and our team.
  • Efficiency– In an emergency situation, you need someone who can get to you right away and can do the job quickly. Our team can come right away when called, and with ten years of experience, we can perform the job quickly so that your business can continue as usual.
  • Cleanup – One thing that separates our work from other tree service companies is that we use care in detail in each part of the job, including the cleanup. We won’t leave leaves and branches cluttering your property but will make sure the area is safe and looks great.
  • Aftercare – If you need help with a plan for after your tree removal, we can help you with stump removal and new tree planting, as well as regular tree services to prevent future emergency situations.

For emergency tree removal, call us right away. We look forward to helping you.